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Health & Safety Guidelines

Kuna Vela is committed to following the guidelines for owners and managers of Tourist Services within the framework of COVID-19 set forth by the Ministerio de Salud of Costa Rica. We use the sanitary norms that Tourist Services must meet to contribute to prevention, detection and control of this disease. It is our goal to provide a safe, healthy and sterilized environment for our clients, guests and partners and maintain the highest standard of quality.

  • All procedures follow Costa Rica and CDC Covid-19 prevention guidelines
  • Cleaning measures for boats and public meeting places, sanitary facilities and services with: toilet paper, drinking water, anti-bacterial for hand washing, gel alcohol with a composition of at least 70% alcohol or ethanol and paper towels for drying hands.
  • Frequently touched surfaces (handrails, keypads, doorknobs, food trays, armrests, seats, ropes and other fishing gear, bunks among others), must be cleaned with 70% alcohol solution or commercial disinfectants frequently.
  • The surfaces of the bathroom and the toilet must be cleaned with disposable material and disinfected daily with a household disinfectant that contains chlorine at a dilution of 1: 100 (1 part of chlorine and 99 parts of water), prepared the same day you leave to use (10 ml of 5% chlorine for each liter of water).
  • Guarantee the availability of waste in garbage cans with covers.
  • The person in charge of cleaning and/or preparing food must protect himself with gloves while carrying out cleaning, food preparation and hygiene tasks. After cleaning, hand hygiene should be carried out.
  • Periodically gather and train the crew or staff to monitor compliance with the cleaning and hygiene plan of the boat and the physical facilities.
  • Temperature checks for employees
  • Place the signs “How to wash your hands with soap and water” and “Correct way to cough and sneeze” in visible places on the boat or the meeting place.