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Kuna Vela - Real Sailing Sensation

Kuna Vela Sailing Tours is American owned and operated. Our highly trained professional crew is Costa Rican with a combined 50 years experience on the Gulf of Papagayo. We love sailing, nature and people. We want to share our experience with you! See our crew page.


We are pleased to have obtained “ecological leaf”, level 2 that repays us for our constant efforts to put into practice the recommendations and directives, with the purpose to be more friendly to the ecological environment in which we work as a tourism company.

Sustainable tourism development is a balanced interaction between the appropriate use of our natural and cultural resources, improvement in the quality of life of local communities and the economic success of this activity, which contributes to our national development. This program includes too being part of the national code of conduct to protect the children from sexual exploitation. Improving sustainable behavior is possible in Costa Rica thanks to the Sustainable Tourism Certification CST.

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American owned and operated

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