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Food & Beverage Offerings:


We are proud to announce that our main food offerings aboard Kuna are completely gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian and vegan friendly!


Main food offerings include: 

  • Plated corn chips, guacamole, bean dip
  • A delicious fruit platter featuring local Costa Rican seasonal fruits!

Additional offerings for Open Tours:

Tray passed finger sandwiches on wheat bread:

  • Ham & Swiss cheese
  • Cucumber with cream cheese and chives.


Additional offerings for Private Tours:

Delicious fresh caught Mahi Mahi cooked to perfection during your tour by our Captain and hand rolled into soft tortilla wraps.

Mahi Mahi Wraps include:

  • Fresh Caught Mahi Mahi
  • Julienned red and green cabbage,
  • Mango Salsa (mangos, red peppers, green onions & juice of a lime)
  • Smoked ancho chili aioli.

All burrito toppings are fresh, homemade and prepared the day of your tour. This allows you to enjoy the freshest offerings and allows us to make any changes needed based on food sensitivities, allergies or vegetarian and vegan preferences

We appreciate knowing in advance of any food or beverage allergies, sensitivities or vegetarian and vegan preferences. This will allow us to accommodate you properly for any additional offerings we may be serving that day.


Enjoy our Open Bar!

  • Five Local Costa Rican Beers to choose from
  • Famous Rum Punch
  • Rum & Coke
  • Non – Alcoholic refreshments include
    • Bottled Water, Iced Tea, Fanta, Fresca, Sprite & Coke


Food Allergy Information & Alternatives

Allergy alternatives to the additional offerings for Open Tours:

Gluten free guests will enjoy:

  • Ham and Swiss cheese roll ups garnished with fresh pineapple
  • Cucumber, cream cheese and chives served on gluten free crackers.

Dairy free guests may enjoy: 

  • Ham roll-ups garnished with cucumber and pineapple

Vegetarian and Vegan guests may enjoy:

  • Bite sized tortilla roll ups with hummus and cucumber.


Allergy alternatives to the additional offerings for Private Tours:

Gluten free guests may enjoy: 

  • Our Mahi Mahi wraps with all the fixings wrapped in corn tortillas!!

Dairy Free Guests May enjoy:

  • Our Mahi Mahi wraps with all the fixings excluding the ancho chili aoli.

Vegetarian and vegan guests may enjoy:

  • Our wrap with all the fixings – minus the Mahi-Mahi – including black beans and avocado