Playas Del Coco in October

The challenges of running a sailing charter in October in Playas del Coco are many.  There are fewer visitors.   The rain is rather unpredictable.  Often, a sunset tour will look feasible, we’ll prepare the boat just two hours before the tour, then 45 minutes prior to boarding the boat, it starts raining.  The client cancels.  I’m left with a prepared crew, fresh food that was prepared just a couple of hours earlier.


Of course, I can’t blame the client for canceling.  But you can’t blame me for the disappointment of not going out on my boat.  (And I’m left with the food preparation bill and the food).

The tour vendors don’t really care that I’m left with the bill and the food.

Just a two days ago, my Captain called me and said that all the boats were going to a sheltered bay before the sea got worse.  I could already see the waves were getting larger.  It was much more difficult to get passengers aboard the dinghy safely.  Then there still is getting them off the dinghy into sailboat that’s rocking up and down.   It’s always good when the client is up for adventure.  It’s an added bonus is when they are physically fit making it easy for them to jump on the boat.


Recently, I had a older woman (mid-60s) that was up for adventure.  However, she had a bad knee.  Should could barely step up 8 inches.  (One needs to be able to step up 18 inches on the sailboat).  My crew and I went to help her on the dinghy.  Then she said “watch my shoulder, I need surgery there, too.”   Like I said, at least she was up for some adventure.  We got her on the boat and she had a great time!

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